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Harrisburg, PA-based Phoenix Contact features DataRealm’s participation in one of its recent projects. Its 2016 Application Awareness Program is a series of reports on how customers are using its technologies. A just released one focuses on how its Automotive RBU helped a system integrator and several automotive line builders upgrade components on an existing engine assembly line, ultimately helping a major auto manufacturer increase manufacturing output and extend the useful life of the line.

DataReam, it reported, “is a system integrator based in Windsor Ontario. DataRealm offers controls engineering (design, build, program, commission and support) for several different industries with an emphasis on Automotive Powertrain. DataRealm is a Phoenix Contact ‘Solution Provider’ with extensive experience with PCWorx, WEBvisit, Visuplus, AXOPC Server and Phoenix Contact hardware.

“DataRealm was working with an automotive manufacturer to replace obsolete hardware on an engine assembly line in an effort to extend the useful life of that line. The original AS2001 Phoenix Contact components were installed in the mid-1990s and were updated in an extensive migration during 2009 to 2011. That upgrade did not include new motor starters or power supplies. The customer also needed to transition from INTERBUS to PROFINET to comply with their corporate standard. New stations for added engine production capacity and engine variations were incorporated into the upgrade.

“Because the original line had incorporated many Phoenix Contact products, new Phoenix Contact replacement components were designed by the Automotive RBU to maintain compatibility with the legacy products. These integrated products were built by the Phoenix Contact Combinations Group in Harrisburg, PA.

“Phoenix Contact Automotive RBU offered local support and a customized value-added solution, ensuring a seamless installation. Because the components could be installed during off-shifts, installation was fast and easy, and the customer does not anticipate any downtime. The components are IP67-rated, for direct mounting on the line, eliminating cabinets.

“The completed project will increase assembly capacity, so the manufacturer can now produce a higher volume of engines.


  • Fast installation time
  • Limited risk of downtime
  • Lower hardware/software costs compared to the competition
  • Reduced cabinet real estate
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increased output
  • Increased longevity of use
  • Standard replaceable components.”